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Father-Daughter Dance

This year’s Father-Daughter Dance will be held on March 2, 2019. Fliers will be sent to parents from the schools via PeachJar. Additional copies can be downloaded by clicking on Father-Daughter Dance Flier. You can register online with the link from PeachJar or click Father-Daughter Dance Registration. Additionally, you can make online payments via Paypal by clicking the appropriate link below. NOTE: Online registration will be closing at the end of the day Tuesday, February 26. After that, you would still be able to attend the dance and pay at the door. The cost for that is $26 for a father/escort and daughter + $5 for each additional daughter.

Click here to pay for Father/Escort + 1 Child – $21.00
Click here to pay for Father/Escort + 2 Children – $26.00
Click here to pay for Father/Escort + 3 Children – $31.00

Daddy’s little girl doesn’t stay little for long.  So each year, in the late winter, we host a special evening of dancing and entertainment for Gull Lake area girls from Young Fives through 5th grade along with their escort.  There is plenty of dancing and laughter, a photo station, and light snacks. Memories are made to be treasured in the years to come!

We will also have many raffle prizes with the Grand Prize being One Week of Camp at Sherman Lake YMCA compliments of Sherman Lake YMCA!

Last year’s Grand Prize winner!